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Ausiello gives us some Once Upon a Time spoilers!

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Kristin’s Spoiler Chat: Once Upon a Time arrest!

@girlgoneveggie: Any scoop on Once Upon a Time? Not having a new episode to look forward to this Sunday makes me sad. :(
You think you’re a little down? Well, prepare for major fallout after Kathryn’s (Anastasia Griffith) disappearance, like our dear Mary Margaret (Ginnifer Goodwin) being arrested by her own daughter Emma (Jennifer Morrison) kind of major. And wait, it gets even better! Guess who’s going to be representing Mary Margaret in court? Mr. Gold (Robert Carlyle)! This should end well…

Oh, my, oh my, oh my! This is interesting, isn’t it?

TV Line: Will Emma experience true love’s kiss in the near future?

Once Upon a Time | During a confab with the series’ creators, we asked why, when Mary Margaret and David finally shared a smooch some weeks ago, it wasn’t a grand moment of enlightenment à la when Sideways Sawyer and Juliet touched hands. Edward Kitsis answered, “It wasn’t an ‘a-ha’ moment for them because the curse hasn’t been broken yet — and clearly they’re not the keys to breaking it. They were just the keys to making the savior.” So, maybe that savior – aka Emma – is the one who needs to share “true love’s first kiss” to start unraveling the queen’s curse…? “That is an interesting question,” Kitsis allowed. “Unfortunately, Kathryn’s disappearance is going to take up a lot of Emma’s time,” meaning no lives-changing romance for the sexy sheriff just yet!

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Matt’s Inside Line: Spoils on Emma’s season one future

Once Upon a Time | Securing scoop from the show bosses on the Stranger aka August W. Booth, they’re especially elusive. Heck, they wont even say if he’s genuinely crushing on Emma. “He seems to be operating on an agenda,” notes EP Eddy Kitsis, “so the interesting thing is to ask is whether those feelings are real or not.” Kitsis will confirm this much, though – August did in fact add pages to Henry’s storybook, “for a very, very specific reason.” (And I myself will offer this one piece of intel regarding August’s trustworthiness: In the diner scene of this Sunday’s episode, pay close attention to the lemurs.) Speaking of new men in Emma’s life, EP Steve Pearlman says the March 25 episode featuring the Mad Hatter (played by Gossip Girl‘s Sebastian Stan) “is quite a big one for Emma. She comes into contact with a new character in Storybrooke who starts her onto a bit of a different journey. And by the end of the season, we will get Emma to a place where she has to make some decisions about her future.”

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TV Guide: Will Emma accept her role as Storybrooke’s savior?

Since Once Upon a Time premiered, the big question has been whether Emma (Jennifer Morrison), the unwitting daughter of Prince Charming (Josh Dallas) and Snow White (Ginnifer Goodwin), would be able to rescue the trapped fairy tale characters of Storybrooke, Maine. The first step in that process, of course, has been the most difficult: getting her to believe that fairy tale characters are actually real.

Needless to say, her doubt can only stand for so long. “There’s definitely a drastic difference between the beginning of the season and where it ends,” Morrison says. “People can count on there being a serious amount of growth for Emma.”

A recent promo — in which Emma and the town appear to rebel against Regina (Lana Parrilla) — seems to indicate that Emma has finally gotten the hint. However, Morrison remains mum on whether the scene is real or a dream sequence. (We hope for the former!) “What we’re seeing now is whether or not Emma is really going to accept her role as the savior,” she says. “It’s do-or-die at this point. The stakes are so high as we go through these last few episodes.”

For now, though, Emma appears to be on her way out of town, with Henry (Jared Gilmore) in tow. But she won’t get very far. “[Henry] actually takes the wheel while she’s driving and causes them to crash so they can’t leave town, which obviously really freaks her out,” Morrison says. “She’s like, ‘My God, you’re actually willing to die over this! You’re 10 years old — how can you be thinking this way?’ Obviously, that’s a big eye-opener for Emma. If this child is that extreme about it, she obviously needs to take a step back and figure out the best way to make sure she keeps him safe and does the best thing for him.”

Morrison says that the cliff-hanger will leave fans wondering what the show will even be like next season. “It’s so massive and so game-changing,” she says. “I mean that in the best way. I read the season finale and went, ‘Oh my God! What is going to happen?!’” While Morrison notes that the core characters and brand of storytelling will remain intact, “thematically, there is going to be such a drastic shift that it will be a whole new adventure” in Season 2.

What do you hope will happen in the season finale?