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Hulu to stream 9 PaleyFest events, INCLUDING Once Upon a Time!

The Paley Center for Media Announces PaleyFest 2012 Partnership with Hulu

Hulu to Stream Nine Panels Featuring TV’s Top Stars and Creators On-Demand

Beverly Hills, CA, February 22, 2012 - The Paley Center for Media today announced Hulu is a partner for PaleyFest 2012. As part of the agreement with PaleyFest, beginning March 15, Hulu will stream full-length content and short form clips exclusively on-demand from nine of the festival’s panels on the free, ad-supported Hulu and the Hulu Plus subscription service at

Hulu is the premier online video streaming service offering current season TV shows, classic series and acclaimed movies from more than 350 content partners, including five of the six major broadcast networks. Hulu will stream PaleyFest2012 panels featuring the casts of "Community," "Once Upon a Time," "New Girl," "The Office," "Bones," "Castle," "The Vampire Diaries," "Revenge" and "Modern Family." PaleyFest’s two-week celebration of great television runs March 2-14, 2012 at the Saban Theatre in Beverly Hills.

Tune in on March 4th, 4PM EST/1PM PT on Hulu for the Once Upon a Time panel including Edward Kitsis, Adam Horowitz, Steve Pearlman, Ginnifer Goodwin,  Jennifer Morrison, Robert Carlyle, Lana Parrilla, Josh Dallas, and Raphael Sbarge.


Dr. Whale’s identity to be revealed this season? Also, some spoilers on Belle, the Evil Quee’s mother, Henry’s father and the Big Bad Wolf!

Vampire Diaries and Alias star David Anders will also return later this season as the nefarious Dr. Whale, but his fairy-tale counterpart will not be revealed this season. His Alias costar (and Dollhouse and Angel actress) Amy Acker makes her OUAT debut in episode 14. “She is going to help tell the story of how Grumpy became Grumpy,” Kitsis says of Acker’s fairy character, Nova. 

Don’t worry, we didn’t forget about Belle (Emilie de Ravin), whose Storybrooke self is currently sittin’ pretty in a secret padded cell. “She has a nice little scene in 14,” Kitsis teases. “She’s sitting up there with the person who loves her, not realizing it, and that would be someone I would not want to piss off,” Kitsis says. Still, fans will have to wait a little longer for answers regarding Belle. “She’s going to be back probably more toward the end of the season,” Kitsis says. 

Finally, Barbara Hershey will guest star as Regina/the Evil Queen’s (Lana Parrilla) mother. Of her character, Kitsis would only say, “Evil is not born, it’s made. Her mother has a specific viewpoint about the world.” Horowitz adds, “Hopefully you’ll get a great insight into Regina and why she is the way she is.”

True Love Is Tough: The disappearance of David’s wife Kathryn (Anastasia Griffith) will throw a major wrench into his romance with Mary Margaret, with Kitsis saying, “This will definitely test them.” Horowitz adds, “David and Mary Margaret are really fighting a curse to be together and this is just another element of that.” Kathryn’s disappearance will be a major plotline through the next four or five episodes that’s going to take us “towards the mid-end season,” Horowitz says. 

Fret not, David and Mary Margaret fans! While it may seem that the obstacles the adorable couple must overcome are endless, Horowitz says, “We are building to something this season with them that we’re excited to share. There is a plan.” Kitsis adds, ”Their love is so strong that it keeps pulling them together no matter how hard we try and keep them apart.”

True love’s kiss has been known to break a curse or two on the show, so why didn’t David and Mary Margaret’s first kiss free them from Regina’s spell? “I think that when David and Mary Margaret kiss, it wasn’t an “Aha!’ moment for them because the curse hasn’t been broken yet and clearly they’re not the keys to breaking it, they’re just the keys to making the savior,” Kitsis explains. 

Backstory Glory: We all know how much the Evil Queen hates Snow White, but we don’t know why. Kitsis and Horowitz say viewers will finally learn what Snow White did to the Evil Queen in episode 18. Episode 19 will reveal more about Rumpelstiltskin (Robert Carlyle) and his relationship with his son. As for Henry’s (Jared Gilmore) father, don’t expect to find out his identity anytime soon, though the executive producers know who it is. Oh, and the Big Bad Wolf will be revealed in episode 15. No big deal, right?

Eep, so it appears Dr. Whale isn’t our Big Bad Wolf after all, is he? O.O

Uhm, who else is now more excited than ever? :D

Uhm, who else is now more excited than ever? :D

Reminder: Once Upon a Time on Paleyfest THIS afternoon!

Not going to PaleyFest in person?  Want to watch a livestream version of it as it happens? Catch the Once Upon a Time’s panel on PaleyFest’s -HERE- at 4PM EST/1PM PT.

Here’s the list of cast members who will be at the event:

Edward Kitsis, Creator/Executive Producer
Adam Horowitz, Creator/Executive Producer
Steve Pearlman, Executive Producer
Ginnifer Goodwin, “Mary Margaret Blanchard / Snow White”
Jennifer Morrison, “Emma Swan”
Robert Carlyle, “Mr. Gold / Rumplestiltskin”
Lana Parrilla, “Regina Mills / Evil Queen”
Josh Dallas, “David Nolan / Prince Charming”
Raphael Sbarge, “Archie Hopper / Jiminy Cricket”
Moderator: Matt Mitovich,

It’s here! Go watch the cast of Once Upon a Time on Paleyfest NOW!

You can go watch it live HERE.

Q&A with Edward Kitsis and Adam Horowitz

As we head into spring, TV shows on the bubble start to cross their fingers and get superstitious in hopes of renewal. One of the shows still yet to hear their verdict is Once Upon a Time. Created by Lost alums, Edward Kitsis and Adam Horowitz (the writing duo who penned Tron Legacy), the modern-day dark twist on fairy tales started out strong, attracting nearly 13 million total viewers but has slumped to the 8.6-10.7 million range in the last 10 episodes. We shall see if it’s enough to earn a second season, but in the meantime, Kitsis and Horowitz continue to push forward as planned and keep audiences guessing as the show progressively gets darker and darker.

How has Once Upon a Time evolved? Has it gone the way you always envisioned or become something you didn’t originally think it would?

Edward Kitsis: Our dream was to tell certain stories like, why Grumpy became grumpy. Why does the Evil Queen hate Snow White? Tonight it’s why the Mad Hatter is mad. What’s great is through those shows you get to know everyone. We get to know Robert Carlyle. We get to know Ginnifer Goodwin, Jennifer Morrison, and Lana Parrilla and all the actors. They elevate the material. You start to writing to the things that they elevate. Then they elevate that. What happens is this unique kind of weaving and it takes a life of its own.

Adam Horowitz: A television show is an organic process. It’s made from an entirely talented group of people from the actors to the crew. We’ve been so blessed with everyone that’s involved. Because of that, what happens is you have your plans for things you want to do, but you also allow for the organic nature of the show to develop into what it kind of wants to be, you just try to stay true to what your vision for where you want to take the show but at the same time, allow for all the talented people you’ve got working for you (actors, set designers, costumes etc.) to bring amazing things.

Is there something special about babies or the children on the show?

EK: The rule that was set up was that everyone from the enchanted forest or that land can’t leave Storybrooke. Obviously the only two people are Henry and Emma and then there’s this new guy that came into town, whoever he is.

AH: It was never meant to be a force field that you bounce off of. It’s more along the lines of something that keeps you from going, or draws you back.

EK: Even in the pilot, Red said, “I should have gone to Boston.” Granny said, “I’m sorry my heart attack…” The trigger can be a family emergency. Your car can break down, it could be you giving birth.

AH: The comings and goings of the folks in Storybrooke is something we continue to explore and continues to play a part in the show.

Storybrooke appears to be this small town and often times it looks as if people are constantly meeting each other for the first time.

AH: I would say that the town isn’t as small as it first appears. We’re seeing a slice of the town, but there could always mean there’s much more there than we’re seeing at first.

EK: I spent my first nine years in town called Mankato, Minnesota, which is a small town of 50,000 people. But 50,000 people means you don’t always run into someone when you go to the grocery store or hardware store. We’re showing a small part of Storybrooke, I think and there’s always a sense of, we haven’t seen everybody yet but at the same time there’s a nice community.

Are we going to see more of Storybrooke turn against Regina slowly but surely, as more characters are added to the mix?

EK: One of the interesting things Emma does is get people to stand up to bullies, whether it’s Regina or injustices.

AH: What we’ve already seen is people are giving her a harder time than she ever had in the 28 years of the curse prior to Emma’s arrival. There’s no reason to think that won’t continue.

Having already seen Emile de Ravin (Lost) as Belle, Giancarlo Esposito (Breaking Bad) as The Mirror, Emma Caufield (Buffy: The Vampire Slayer) as the Blind Witch, and Amy Acker (Angel) as Astrid all guest-star on the show, what guest-stars can we expect in remainder of the first season?

EK: Tonight we have Sebastian Stan as the Mad Hatter in episode 117 “Hat Trick,” who is fantastic; we have Roger Daltry voicing the hookah-smoking caterpillar.

AH: We have some fun people we’re really thrilled to join the cast and Barbara Hershey (Black Swan) playing Regina’s mother in episode 118, “The Stable Boy” is something we’re very excited about.

Editor’s Note: “The Stable Boy” is where the audience will see where a lot of the pain The Evil Queen has comes from and answers that pivotal question Kitsis posed, why does she hate Snow White so much.

What can you tell us about The Mysterious Stranger / August Wayne Booth?

EK: The next three episodes (counting last week’s episode 116 “Heart of Darkness”) will drop more hints as to why he’s here.

AH: Before the finale you’ll know who he is and why (he’s in Storybrooke).

Are we going to see more of Rumplestilskin’s son?

EK: Yes. And you will understand what happened between them. I would say there is great stuff with Robert and the son, as to where it is–I would say not this season–perhaps.

AH: Or we might this season–perhaps. The character of Baelfire, Rumple’s son, does come back later this season, whether it’s in Storybrooke or in fairy tale land, how that plays out, we want to be a surprise.

EK: In other words, we want you to keep watching. [Laughs]


Once Upon a Time: Comic-Con Panel Information

The San Diego Convention Center’s mammoth 4,500-seat Ballroom 20 is going to look a whole lot like Storybrooke (or is it Fairytale Land?) on July 14when the cast and producers of ABC’s Once Upon a Time take the stage at Comic-Con International.

Co-creators Edward Kitsis and Adam Horowitz (who I first drove crazy with questions when they were executive producers of Lost), will be forced by threat of poison apple to spill Season 2 secrets during the 11am panel moderated by TV Guide Magazine senior editor and columnist William Keck.

Ginnifer Goodwin (Snow White), Jennifer Morrison (Emma Swan), Lana Parrilla (the Evil Queen), Josh Dallas (Prince Charming), Meghan Ory (Little Red) and newly promoted series regular Emilie de Ravin (Belle) will all be on hand to make fans’ fantasies come true. After our spoilery, eye-opening chat, the gang will be available for an autograph session in Room 28C from 12:15 to 1:00.

Once Upon a Time Comic-Con Time Slot!

Planning on attending Comic-con?  Well, make sure you hit this annual event on Saturday, July 14 from 11-11:45 to see Once Upon a Time on stage!

Magic is coming! Moderator William Keck (TV Guide Magazine senior editor and columnist) takes you to Storybrooke, where a curse placed on its fairytale inhabitants by the Evil Queen has been broken and reality and myth have merged. It’s a place where magic is about to be introduced, but with it comes its own set of consequences. Co-creators and executive producers Edward Kitsis (Lost, Tron: Legacy) and Adam Horowitz (Lost, Tron: Legacy), along with Ginnifer Goodwin (Big Love), Jennifer Morrison (House), Lana Parrilla (24), Josh Dallas (Thor), Emilie de Ravin (Lost), and Meghan Ory (Vampire High) engage in a Q&A about their hit TV series. Ballroom 20


TVOvermind: Change, Snow White and Charming relationship, Pinocchio, Mulan, Sleeping Beauty and Captain Hook!

The Once Upon a Time panel revealed a few teases for season 2 (including the introduction of several new characters, which was also alluded to in two previews for the season), but the press room gave the cast and producers the opportunity to elaborate on the scoops given at the panel.  Here’s what we learned from stars Ginnifer Goodwin, Lana Parrilla, Josh Dallas, Jennifer Morrison, Meghan Ory and producers Adam Horowitz and Edward Kitsis:

Change is Coming.  Each of the cast members interviewed stressed that a lot of change was coming to Once Upon a Time.  “Everything will change,” Ginnifer teased, “Because [all of the characters] will really remember everything from this point forward.”  As for that cliffhanger in the season 1 finale, the writers “wanted to finish telling a complete story for season 1 that was part of a larger story,” Adam explained.  But now that the curse has been lifted, will the world outside of Storybrooke me affected?  He went on to say that any effects will be shown rather quickly.

Snow White and Prince Charming.  Now that both of these characters remember their old lives, “I think that what will happen to them this season will be just as titillating as what happened to them as last season, just for different reasons,” Ginnifer teased.   To all of the fans who had hoped that the drama of ‘will they or won’t they’ that dominated this couple’s Storybrooke relationship in season 1 would be over….I have good news and bad news.  The good news is that knowing their true identity will be a good thing for their relationship.  The bad news is that the drama isn’t necessarily over, although it will be different.  Edward and Adam explained that while it does seem cruel to continuously torture these two characters, there is always drama in every relationship.  But the drama between them in season 1 is not the same drama as season 2.  A new direction will be taken.

Josh was very passionate about Snow and Charming’s new relationship for season 2, declaring that Charming “remembers his old life, his old emotions.  He remembers who he is at the core.  Charming will remember everything about David and everything David went through.  And [he’ll] remember that David hurt the woman that he loved.  That won’t ever leave him.  David is dead, Charming is back, and Regina has a lot to answer for.”

As for the characters individually, Ginnifer explained that Mary Margaret will always be a part of Snow White, but Snow White is her true identity.  “Even though Snow White from the present on will not be the same Snow White…as Mary Margaret is integrated into that Snow Whiteness, it will affect Snow White, but she will be far more empowered than Mary Margaret was and, therefore, will have a far stronger stance against Regina.”  David, meanwhile, “is devastated,” Josh explained.  “David’s actions are not the actions of Charming.  And that’s one reason he’s so angry, because that’s something Regina did to him.  That Regina did to them and their relationship.”

Is the Evil Queen Back? Lana said that Regina’s journey in season 2 will be very much about finding a way to get Henry back.  “I’m sure she’s going to use magic to find a way to get him back.”

Lives in the Balance. The fate of a few characters hung in the balance in season 1, including August, who turned into Pinocchio in the season finale.  Was he dead?  Adam and Edward refused to confirm, but they did say that we would definitely learn the outcome of that story in season 2. As for the Huntsman/Sheriff - who died earlier in the season but made an appearance in the finale - the producers explained that his character is part of the DNA of the show and that the Huntsman himself is still alive, so he could very well appear again in flashbacks to the fairytale world.

New Characters.  “We are very, very excited [about Mulan and Aurora],” Edward gushed.  “We think they come into the show in a very exciting and unique way.  Like everything we’ve done, we’re not interested in retelling or just showing you the versions that you’re used to, so we have a unique spin on both characters.  And what we love is how they’ll interact with people we know and love.  When they come in and how they come in is a different thing.”  The producers hinted that it’s relatively early in the season that Mulan and Aurora are introduced, but Lana went a step further to explain that we should see them within the first five episodes.   As for the introduction of Captain Hook - which was a pleasant spoiler told to the panel fans earlier - Edward said that “for the last year Adam and I couldn’t get the rights.  We’ve had Captain Hook on our shelf waiting to come out for a wile.  We’re really excited for his story and how he interacts with our characters.”

Who’s Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf? When asked whether Ruby should be worried about wolfing out in Storybrooke, the producers teased that we’ll all have to wait until the first full moon.  Meanwhile, Ginnifer hinted that Red and Snow reuniting as friends is something that should happen, seeing as how close they were in the fairytale world.

Emma and the New Family Dynamic.  “While there’s going to be so much relief at [Emma’s family] having found each other, there are complications due to the fact that they’re now the same age and the fact that Emma’s parents are fairytale characters that she’s been familiar with her whole life,” Ginnifer said.  Jennifer laughed that “I think [Emma’s] going to freak out.  I think she’s going to be really overwhelmed.  [But] I think, no matter what, she’s a survivor.”  Emma’s relationship with Henry won’t be all smooth-sailing either.  Just like Emma will have to come to terms with her parents giving her up, she will have to find a way to mend his hurt feelings that she didn’t share Henry’s belief in the curse, particularly since he turned out to be right.

EW: Which storybook characters might make their way to the show?

Once Upon a Time is broadening its universe beyond fairy tales this season, adding a historical legend (Mulan) and literary creations (Capt. Hook, Lancelot). So who else might possibly show up in Storybrooke? We ran some Disney-owned and public domain characters past showrunners Edward Kitsis and Adam Horowitz to get the scoop…

Robin Hood? Kitsis: “Absolutely.” Horowitz: “Definitely in-bounds.”

Tarzan? Kitsis: “Never talked about Tarzan. But in a world where The Jungle Book exists, I don’t know why Tarzan couldn’t either.”

Mickey Mouse? Kitsis: “He’s been on the show — in phone form. I can’t ever see how he’d get on and feel real.”

Genghis Khan? Kitsis: “Probably not. Too historical.”

Capt. Jack Sparrow? Both: [Exasperated sighs

You both had the same reaction to that. Kitsis: “We loved [Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl] so much. But unless we get Johnny Depp, how could we do Jack Sparrow?” Horowitz: “We can’t do it. He’s Jack Sparrow.” Kitsis: “Unless Johnny Depp [wants to appear on] Once Upon a Time, then we will write Jack Sparrow all day!”

Tom Sawyer? Kitsis: “You never know.” Horowitz: “That’s an interesting one.”

The Little Mermaid? Kitsis: “Absolutely. We’re waiting for the right moment. You don’t want it to be just one episode.” Horowitz: “It’s already woven into the fabric of what we’re doing; the only question is when.”

Achilles? Horowitz: “He’s on the border. Possible.”

Wizard of Oz? Kitsis: “We’ve been talking about Oz since Day 1. Look at the pilot. One of the pages of Henry’s book shows flying monkeys. And in Jefferson’s hat there seemed to be an emerald curtain.” Adam: “Oz is another ‘when,’ not ‘if.’”

Captain Ahab? Horowitz: “I like Ahab.” Kitsis: “You never know.”

Sherlock Holmes? Kitsis: “Here’s something interesting. Originally the sheriff was Sherlock Holmes. He was going to be a detective and his curse was he was in a town with no mystery. So he was this bored sheriff. And there was a rights issue so we could not get it.”

Everybody else is doing it. Horowitz: “Everybody else overcame it.” Kitsis: “But now we’re so in love with the BBC’s Sherlock, I don’t want to even play in that arena. We’ll never have Sherlock unless Benedict Cumberbatch wants to come on.”

Tron? Kitsis: “I could see Alan Bradley being the IT guy in Storybrooke.”

Mary Poppins? Kitsis: “In-bounds, but it won’t be this year.”

Let’s see, what else… Kitsis: “Are we doing Fifty Shades of Grey? Yes!”