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Countdown to 'Bleeding Through':

Welcome to Storybrooke Mirror. I am dedicated to bringing you the latest news and spoilers amongst other OUaT related goodies. Feel free to send an ask with discussion topics, theories and general hello's whenever you want. This blog is not spoiler-free. Put "spoilers" and/or "ouat spoilers" on your Tumblr Savior to keep spoiler posts hidden. :)
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Ausiello gives us some Once Upon a Time spoilers!

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Eion Bailey/Mysterious Stranger’s Name?

I was reading the Press Release for ‘What Happened to Frederick’ on THIS spoiler roundup, when I happened upon this nifty little section:

GUEST STARS  Guest starring are Anastasia Griffith as Kathryn/Abigail, Meghan Ory as Ruby/Red Riding Hood, Alan Dale as King George, Beverley Elliott as Granny, Eion Bailey as stranger/August W. Booth, Aria Pullman as Siren and Greyston Holt as gym teacher/Frederick.

Hmm…have I seriously missed this as common knowledge for awhile now, or did this just pop up? What do you think? I think it is an intriguing name…

Eion Bailey — Set Photos

I have something to add to these, if you don’t mind:


Latest from Kristin — August’s Identity to be revealed?

Berrycar: Got any scoop on Once Upon a Time?
Dying to know August’s (Eion Bailey) backstory? The show will be giving you the answers you’re looking for sooner than you think. “What we saw August doing with putting the pages in the book is kind of the first step in pulling back the onion on who this guy is and what his agenda in Storybrooke is,” executive producer Adam Horowitz teases. So did he write the book? Unfortunately, the identity of the fairy-tale book’s author is a mystery being shelved for season two.

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Hat Trick — Promotional Photos!

They’re hereee! Finallly. B)