Who would be interested in a summer re-watch of Once Upon a Time?

I have this grand idea in my head and I would love for at least some of it to come true. I’m imagining a re-watch of Once Upon a Time: Season One this summer between Oncers from all over the place. If we advertised enough, we could get a huge group of loyal Oncers together not only on Tumblr, but Twitter and Facebook, too!  We could have live chats and we could also have weekly discussions on the episode pointing out things that have yet to be solved, pointing out hidden things we didn’t see before, our favorite moments, etc. We could also invite people who expressed interest in watching Once while it was airing on TV to start watching with us now, too.

Another idea rolling around in my head would be perhaps things you could unlock for doing certain things? Like joining in and watching an episode would earn you something; proof that you have invited someone who has yet to watch an episode of Once would earn you something; and other such stuff like that.

What do you guys think? I’m all in for hosting something like this, but only if it would take off! I need your input! What are you interested in? Any other ideas? Ways we could go about doing this?

Let me know in the answers if you are interested. Message me if you have further ideas or want to expound on your thoughts! ;D

Once Upon a Time’s new facebook app, The Untold Stories, is a fantastic look into the show! A fun game with an objective to return items back to Mr. Gold while looking in depth at the various characters. A definite must for all Oncers who have a facebook to look in to!

Check it out now!

Once Upon a Time has a fun new Facebook app for you to try out — Dwarf Yourself! Discover your inner dwarf as you are prompted to pick out one of the dwarves to paste your face onto. If you are brave enough, you can also share it with your friends.

Try it out now!

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