Well, at least we know Dr. Whale will be in the finale! Hmm…

Guest stars for episode 19


Zap2it has the guest cast list for episode 19, “The Return”:

David Anders (Dr. Whale), Anastasia Griffith (Abigail/Kathryn Nolan), Keegan Connor Tracy (Blue Fairy/Mother Superior), Meghan Ory (Red Ridding Hood/Ruby), Giancarlo Esposito (Magic Mirror/Sidney Glass), Beverley Elliott (Granny), Dylan Schmid (Baelfire), Conner Dwelly (Morraine), Greyston Holt (Fredrick/gym teacher), Gabe Khouth (Sneezy/Mr. Clark), Michael Coleman (Happy), Mig Macario (Bashful), Jarod Joseph (Billy), Christina Gooding, and Michael Roberds

Who do think he is going to be?

Magic Makes a Mess of Storybrooke — YVR Shoots

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