So I’ll take that as confirmation.

“Amy Acker and Emilie de Ravin Guest Star” for 1x14 - Dreamy

'Dreamy' Sneak Peek #1!

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Jane Espenson Tweets Teasers for OUaT

Jane Espenson took to twitter last night to take part in a tweet session for BuffyFest. Along the way, several questions came up about Once Upon A Time. In true Espenson style, she drove the fans wild with a few very carefully worded tweets.

First off, Jane confirmed that Henry had no fairy tale counterpart. He is an independent character and does not have any past within FT. He is not a fairy tale character. 

Snow and Regina’s broken past is also a plot line that the producers hope to explore in future episodes.

Jane also confirmed that they would love to have Amy Acker back as Nova in future and hoped to find a storyline that fitted within the context of the larger story. 

Finally, Jane gave this intriguing tease when asked whether Emma would be surprised to find out that Rumple had a son. “I don’t think she will be gut shot by him having a son. Other revelations, however, will floor her”. Jane’s next big episode is 2x12. An episode she is incredibly excited about and proud of.  She revealed: “There is some great moral shading in the episode. Lots of shades of grey”.