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Esq., January 19, 2012 | |
Countdown to 'Bleeding Through':

Welcome to Storybrooke Mirror. I am dedicated to bringing you the latest news and spoilers amongst other OUaT related goodies. Feel free to send an ask with discussion topics, theories and general hello's whenever you want. This blog is not spoiler-free. Put "spoilers" and/or "ouat spoilers" on your Tumblr Savior to keep spoiler posts hidden. :)
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Ok, here's my speculation for the Finale. As we saw in some pap pictures a while ago, Neal will be transported to FTL, and will meet Aurora, Mulan and Phillip. I think he'll get into a portal, but his family won't know this, and they'll asume he is dead. This, plus the situation with Regina and Greg&Tamara, will be what will change Emma's mind about traveling to another realm.