Glee's 2nd season was a disaster on the ratings front, even though it has a huge fan base and the writers are basically crowd-pleasers. I remember Bones' 2nd season was also difficult. I think the problem this season was that they brought too many new characters as well as storylines and it's getting a little complicated to follow. Not for us, because we watch every episode and read spoilers and stuff, but the regular viewers (like my family) might get a bit confused. 
Agreed! Honestly, though, I personally like the new characters, but I can see how it would be too much. And holy plotlines batman! There are a LOT of storylines that a casual viewer might get rather confused as to what’s going on.

But as far as ratings go, I think the second season is ALWAYS the hardest when a show has a phenomenal first season. So, here’s to hoping that this third season will be as good as the first! :D

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