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Esq., January 19, 2012 | |
Countdown to 'Bleeding Through':

Welcome to Storybrooke Mirror. I am dedicated to bringing you the latest news and spoilers amongst other OUaT related goodies. Feel free to send an ask with discussion topics, theories and general hello's whenever you want. This blog is not spoiler-free. Put "spoilers" and/or "ouat spoilers" on your Tumblr Savior to keep spoiler posts hidden. :)
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Glee's 2nd season was a disaster on the ratings front, even though it has a huge fan base and the writers are basically crowd-pleasers. I remember Bones' 2nd season was also difficult. I think the problem this season was that they brought too many new characters as well as storylines and it's getting a little complicated to follow. Not for us, because we watch every episode and read spoilers and stuff, but the regular viewers (like my family) might get a bit confused.

Agreed! Honestly, though, I personally like the new characters, but I can see how it would be too much. And holy plotlines batman! There are a LOT of storylines that a casual viewer might get rather confused as to what’s going on.

But as far as ratings go, I think the second season is ALWAYS the hardest when a show has a phenomenal first season. So, here’s to hoping that this third season will be as good as the first! :D