why do you think its Cora and Hook instead of Emma and Snow? Wouldn't then work kissing David? Since he's in the pictures walking with them? Or he's got secret crush on Cora/Hook we had no idea about lol. 
LOL. Plot twist! Naw, just kidding. I was kind of thinking about that for a few days after I heard that exact argument against the Cora and Hook playing dress-up as Emma and Mary theory. Here’s what I think:

Both Mary Margaret, Emma, Cora AND Hook come through. Obviously. x) Perhaps MM and Emma come through first, have the reunion (from the pictures we’ve seen) and Hook and Cora sneak through. This would allow time for MM to wake up David. Hook and Cora later snatch MM and Emma (or something along those lines) and pretend to be them. The new clothes that Emma and MM have on in that one picture are awesome, but they remind me SO much of Hook and MM. Of course, I’m probably going to end up cracking up at my theory if it turns out to be false, but I’m riding with it right now. x)

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