Days to go until Premiere: 28 Days!

*Not a part of tumblr? Not a problem! The live chat does not require you to be a member.

Live Chat Page

Every Sunday until the premiere, ABC Channel will be rerunning an episode of Once Upon a Time on Sunday nights at 8pm EST.  I have been hosting a live chat during the reruns of Once Upon a Time for a few weeks now.  Here’s your chance to join in!  You don’t have to be a follower — or even a member of tumblr — to join in and geek with us all.  It’s a lot of fun and we would love for you all to join us!

*Contest Blitz competitors (learn more to win prizes), participation in the live chat will get you 25 points!

The chat system will not go live until five minutes before the episode airs. That way we can prevent spammers and those who might seek to ruin the fun while I can not be there to moderate.

**Not on EST time but want to watch live with us yourself?  Not a problem.  You can watch the episode online while we watch live on TV.  You can find the link to that here.  Just find the 7:15am link.  I will announce when there is a commercial during chat so you can pause your video if you wish and I will tell you when it is back on so you can unpause and watch simultaneously with us.  :)

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