Seeking Fan Artists!!

(Don’t have a tumblr? Submit your pieces to my email: or send me a facebook message via StorybrookeMirror)

I will be hosting an official countdown to Season Two starting August 30th. Because that’s a total of 31 days, I’ll need content to fill in some gaps.  I’m planning on showing fan fiction, fan art, fan videos, amongst other things.  Currently, I only have one fan art submission. 

Do you have any fan art you would be willing to share during the countdown?  I would give you full credit so as no stealing can take place. (I can also add a watermark if it lacks that feature and you so wish to have one put on.) If you have Fan Art you would be willing to share (and possibly have put into a fan art voting contest), submit it on THIS PAGE. Remember to adhere to the rules.

Thank you all! Your contributions are helping me fill in those empty gaps for different days.

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