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Vancity Filming: Josh Dallas and Robert Carlyle

See below ‘read more’ cut for spoiler pics and text!

Notice:  I was asked by the Vancity people to only show a preview of the whole post for you all. You’ll have to check out their full article to…see the full article. :P I’ll show only a preview of the pics and texts below.

Article located here.

We’ve seen the pictures of Emilie De Ravin on set in Storybrooke and we’ve also seen the pictures of Belle and Smee, today is the turn of Josh Dallas and Robert Carlyle to be in the spotlight.

The scene they were filming involved them walking down Main Street, Storybrooke talking to one another. Neither looked uncomfortable with one another, which is odd considering what happened in Fairytale Land. They seemed at ease together as they discussed something. Josh Dallas did have a piece of paper in his hand for the scene. Could it be a ransom note for Emma and Snow?

We learned from the morning shoot that Belle had some interaction with Smee, Captain Hook’s First Mate, so could it be something to do with Belle? Are they collaborating together now against Captain Hook? The lesser of two evils? We even heard mention on the set that David was now a Storybrooke Sheriff. Could he just be doing his job investigating the disappearances? So many questions that need answering…

See remainder of article HERE.