In a new commercial for Once Upon a Time, Lana Parilla revealed that Sherlock Holmes would be joining the Storybrooke community sometime during the series. Whether this is true or not is still up in the air. But if so, is that Sherlock’s famous violin hanging in Mr. Gold’s Pawn Shop?

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    OMG IF SO.
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    Wooooh back the fuck up. As awesome as a potential appearance of Sherlock Holmes in Storybrooke would be, I fail to see...
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    Shit you’re so lucky to have seen it!!!!! Wow that would be awesome if they did that. I’m guessing they finally got the...
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    It was the commercial that I posted about last night. She mentioned Robin Hood & Sherlock Holmes, and I’m sittin’ there...
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    Sherlock?? I would die and go to heaven.
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