((About to start my liveblog of ‘Good Form’ on my main blog for today’s season three rewatch episode. If you want to follow along, go there. And make sure you guys participate today too and tag your posts. I want to follow along! ;) ))

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When asked about their thoughts on Snow and Charming both now possibly sharing the blackness in their hearts that was originally present in Snow — (x)

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Fan: I just want to tell you I thought you did such a fantastic job as ‘Peter Pan’. — (x)

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Something Wicked This Way Comes! Once Upon A Fan’s Ashley Benson caught up with Rebecca Mader at DragonCon for an exclusive interview. 

Transcript here [x]

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Hi, I was wondering where you got the html code for your calendar? Cause I love it! 
Here's the tutorial.

(Publishing for anyone else wondering.)

- e

I thought you would have adventuresinstorybrooke and everythingouas as your affiliates? Also, the fuckyeahbelleandrumplestiltskin blog is blank. 
everythingouas is still in the process of setting her affiliates up, so we stated that we would wait until she had hers up. But we just went ahead and added her anyways. We also fixed the Rumbelle one. ;) We are only accepting fandom blogs as affiliates.


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Was it always a side blog or you turned it into one? 
Yes, it had always been a sideblog. I had my main account a year or so before I started this one. I just never has the author portraits button checked on our settings.