On a scale of one to even, I can’t atm

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you forgot neal.... Favorite TV Character We Miss Most 
Thanks! Didn’t even think to look there, either. My bad. x)


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You forgot tv duo or something like that as it has Ginny and Josh on it. 
Thanks! Didn’t even think to look there! Will add. ;)


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It’s that time again — time to vote for Once Upon a Time to make People’s Choice Awards 2015 nominations!

We need YOUR help to get our show nominated among some tough competition. You can click each link for quick access to the particular category:

And make sure you click that ‘Cast Your Votes’ button when you’re done or else it won’t count! ;)


OUAT Filming - Flashback scene of Young Emma?? (October 20, 2014)

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I pretty much only watched the Cora ep of OUATIW so correct me if I’m wrong, but wasn’t Anastasia murdered?

Will woke her up with True Love’s Kiss (EDIT: Actually, scratch that, they used water from Nyx’s well to revive Ana because her story was not meant to end there) and then they were married and then they both rule wonderland as the White Queen and King. :)

'The Apprentice' - Final Adjusted Ratings

Initially grabbing a 2.7 in the demos, season four’s fourth episode, ‘The Apprentice’ did not adjust up or down, but remained at a 2.7 in the demos. However, it did grab 7.9 mil viewers on Sunday and adjusted up a tiny bit to around 8.07 million.