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Is it possible that The Making of Frozen wasn't the final cut?


Oh, definitely. It’s also possible that the footage isn’t part of the actual special and it’s just an addendum to it. They didn’t put the preview for the new movie they mentioned in the press release on the screener either. 

Don’t worry about it, guys. If ABC says they’ll show us new footage during the special, they will. 

Thanks for the info! ;)



Spoiler Room: Scoop on ‘Revenge,’ ‘Criminal Minds,’ ‘Vampire Diaries’ and more

Have there been any new details regarding Hans on Once Upon a Time— Erin
As suspected, “He has not been redeemed,” executive producer Edward Kitsis tells me. “He’s a sociopath.” Here’s something to chew on: Could he actually be behind Elsa’s imprisonment in Rumple’s vault? “That’s one of the mysteries that we intend to unfurl,” executive producer Adam Horowitz says, adding that Hans “still feels the weight of being the youngest of 12 brothers, and there’s a very good chance of seeing some of those 12 brothers.”


Gia❤️ @ GiaRuc90  They are all here !!! sean_m_maguirebexmaderRobbieKay_leearenbergTheReelBeverley #DragonCon

Gia❤️ @ GiaRuc90 
They are all here !!! sean_m_maguirebexmaderRobbieKay_leearenbergTheReelBeverley #DragonCon




Once Upon a Time Season Three is now available for streaming to Netflix users!

Once Upon a Time Season Three is now available for streaming to Netflix users!

Just a small note: if I end up reblogging some of the season three appreciation posts you guys do, I don’t want to see the person who made them get slack from anybody else if their entry includes a ship or character someone doesn’t like. Keep the hate at a lull, please. xoxo

♚ The season three appreciation weekend is officially kicking off today! From today (August 29) through Sunday (August 31), make a gifset, graphic, picspam, art, text post, or whatever you can that fits into this weekend’s category:

Favorite Season Three Moment(s)

Please tag your posts with this tag, ‘S3AW’. Make sure it is one of your first five tags or it will not show up. We will be tracking that tag and may reblog a few of the things we see there. ;) For the next four weekend’s schedules, please check out this main post.

Collection of reviews from the Season Three Rewatch Day Three:

(Will update as more are added to the s3rw tag)

Once Upon a Time Season 3 Rewatch (Doing Things a Little Different…)


Soooo…  I just got my Season 3 DVDs today (stupid postal service). I know there’s an officially unofficial Season 3 rewatch going on. However, I’m going to do my rewatch just a little differently. I’m going to do my rewatch on Twitter @cj_tweets5 with the tags #CJWatchesOUAT, plus the title of the episode (if it’s a longer title, I’ll shorten it to something manageable). My work schedule is all over the freaking map, so I’m going to slot my rewatch in whenever I can do it (like right now I have a few hours before I need to be in bed and I’m going to go ahead and tackle “Lost Girl”). If you can and would like to, you are more than welcome to watch with me. If you notice it after the fact, you can still reply and chime in on my Twitter, if you feel so inclined. But that’s what’s going on in this neck of the fandom woods, just in case you were interested.

There will be angst, laughter, swearing, and screaming - just like there was during the season’s initial airing. So, buckle up kiddos! We’re going for a ride!

No worries! I’ll be sure to check it out there. ;)